Core Team 2023-24

Ajay Kumar Yadav

Ajay Kumar Yadav holds a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture and serves as the proprietor of Maali Dai Agro Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Since 2015, he has been an integral member of the Better Chitwan community, passionately dedicated to fostering youth development in agriculture. He aims to advance this mission by collaborating with fellow passionate individuals, pursuing mentorship, and exploring innovative pathways for growth within the framework of Better Chitwan's opportunities.

Binita Gurung
Education Coordinator

Binita Gurung, a multifaceted individual, finds joy in gardening, cooking, social work, drawing, painting, poetry writing, reciting, and exploring nature. As the founder of 'Flora Sansar,' an online plant store, she merges her love for nature with entrepreneurial spirit. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Application at Lumbini ICT Campus, Gaindakot, Binita advocates for courage in pursuing passions, fighting for rights, and embracing life to the fullest. Her message resonates with empowering individuals to follow their hearts and live authentically.

Suvarna Ghimire
Environment Coordinator

Suvarna Ghimire, originally from Bharatpur-26, Chitwan, currently resides in Bharatpur-11. Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, Suvarna is dedicated to understanding and safeguarding our natural world. With a mantra of "be calm and keep moving ahead," he navigates through challenges with composure and determination. His commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in both his academic pursuits and daily life. Suvarna's passion for sustainability and his tranquil approach to life position him as a promising advocate for a greener, more harmonious future.

Nabin Thapa
Youth Engagement Coordinator

Nabin Thapa, a dedicated youth pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, is deeply engaged in leading an edtech venture, NabaGyan Academy. Focused on creating educational multimedia content, Nabin's passion for leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences is evident. Beyond his academic and professional commitments, he actively advocates for socio-political change, demonstrating a strong commitment to societal welfare. Residing in Ratnanagar-13, Chitwan, Nabin embodies the belief that youth hold the power to drive positive change, both at the grassroots and national levels.

Isha Gautam
Cultural Coordinator

Isha Gautam, a high school graduate who thrives on making connections and embracing new experiences. She passionately advocates for a compassionate society, seeing it as our collective responsibility. For Isha, life is about savoring every moment, exploring new horizons, and connecting the dots along the way. She invites others to join her welcoming community, where love and camaraderie abound, promising to add a dash of excitement to their lives.

Sachin Chapagain

Sachin Chapagain, a dedicated youth, is passionately pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Arts at Birendra Multiple Campus. With a steadfast commitment, Sachin exemplifies perseverance and a forward-looking mindset. His approach to life mirrors the ethos encapsulated in the proverb, "Walk slowly, but never backward." This mantra reflects his determination to progress steadily towards his goals while avoiding regression.

Sudha Timalshena

Sudha Timalshena, a resident of Bharatpur-11, Chitwan, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science. Her philosophy resonates deeply with the interconnectedness of life, emphasizing continuous learning, growth, and evolution. She advocates for humanity, compassion towards animals, environmental sustainability, health consciousness, and ethical treatment of all beings. Sudha embodies a commitment to harmonious coexistence with nature and a dedication to making a positive impact on the world around her.

Aasna Sapkota

Aasna Sapkota holds a degrees in Social Work and Rural Development, serves as a home-based educator at the National Federation of the Deaf Nepal, specializing in children with disabilities. Her infectious positivity, encapsulated in her belief that "Life is too short, enjoy every moment," inspires others to make a lasting impact. Aasna's dedication to inclusivity and empowerment embodies her mission to create a brighter future for marginalized communities, leaving an indelible mark on the world through compassion and advocacy.

Sameer Chapagain
Media and Communication Head

Sameer Chapagain, a freelance journalist and Civil Engineering student from Bharatpur 27, Chitwan. He believes in nurturing the potential of young individuals, emphasizing the importance of creative thinking and stepping out of comfort zones. Sameer views youths with humanity, rationality, honesty, innovative ideas, and strong soft skills as crucial for driving national progress, envisioning collective growth through their collaborative efforts.

Diksha Adhikari

Diksha Adhikari, a dedicated agricultural student currently enrolled in BSc.Ag at Rampur campus, IAAS. Residing in Bharatpur 8, Chitwan, she strongly believes that youth are the future leaders of the nation. Diksha advocates for youth empowerment as a crucial step towards their active participation in societal development.

Krishna Niure

Krishna Niure, hailing from Bharatpur-15, Mangalpur, currently doing a Masters in Rural Development and is a multifaceted individual. Occupying roles in IT as a goods supplier and as a Human Rights Activist, Krishna's passion for positive change is evident. Actively involved in Better Chitwan, he seeks to contribute meaningfully to the community, foster connections, and hone leadership skills. Krishna's message emphasizes the pivotal role of youth in driving social change, innovation, and community development, advocating for their active involvement in shaping a brighter future.

Sudesh Kharel

Sudesh Kharel, currently pursuing his Bachelor's in Computer Applications (BCA). As an IT student, he boasts a strong grasp of programming languages and techniques. Beyond the world of technology, Sudesh is also a passionate music lover, embracing the harmonious blend of code and melodies in his life's pursuits.

Samata Aryal

Samata Aryal is a resilient and forward-thinking student residing in Bharatpur-9, Chitwan. Currently enrolled in a Bachelor's program in Biology at Birendra Multiple Campus, she embodies a courageous spirit that encourages others to embrace opportunities despite the fear of failure. Samata advocates for boldness, creativity, and individuality, urging people to set their own trends and venture beyond their comfort zones. Her philosophy centers on fostering internal happiness and kindness, with a goal of contributing to a healthier and more positive society. Through her words and actions, Samata inspires others to cultivate a mindset focused on growth, empathy, and making a meaningful difference in the world.

Laxmi Rijal

Laxmi Rijal, a dedicated student at Saptagandaki Multiple Campus, is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Arts. With a passion for personal growth, she advocates for exploration, skill development, and self-discovery. Laxmi encourages embracing curiosity, learning from experiences, and taking risks. She highlights the importance of positivity, mentorship, and supportive relationships in fostering growth. Through her journey and insights, Laxmi inspires others to embark on their own paths of discovery and self-improvement.

Susrika Dawadi

Susrika Dawadi, a youth from Bharatpur-7, Chitwan, currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in social work. Her message is clear: "Embrace your quirks, follow your heart, and don't fear taking risks." Susrika believes challenges are opportunities to grow, urging everyone to persist in their dreams. With her positivity and encouragement, she inspires others to believe in themselves and make their mark on the world.

Bipul Baral

Bipul Baral, a passionate comedy aficionado and aspiring Doctor, is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc. & A.H.). He firmly believes that fear is merely a figment of our imagination concerning the future. With this mindset, he encourages others to take the next step forward, as it promises an entirely new and enriching experience.

Aakriti Subedi

Aakriti Subedi is a passionate champion for environmental sustainability and nature conservation. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences at Saptagandaki Multiple College in Bharatpur, Chitwan, Aakriti believes that fear is nothing but an illusion. She inspires others to embrace the present moment and pursue journeys filled with enriching experiences. Aakriti calls for collective action to protect our planet and pave the way for a brighter, greener future for all. Let's unite in this endeavor.

Kritika Acharya

Kritika Acharya, a diligent youth currently pursuing her higher secondary level education at Aroma College, embodies a blend of youthful enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. With a strong belief in her communication and leadership abilities, Kritika stands ready to contribute positively to any organization. Her quick learning capabilities, coupled with a respectful demeanor, make her a valuable asset. Eager to embrace challenges and serve with unwavering enthusiasm, Kritika is poised to make a meaningful impact wherever she goes.

Samikshya Poudel

Samikshya Poudel, a dedicated management student, is currently immersed in her Bachelor's degree program at President College of Management Science. With a firm belief in the power of positivity, Samikshya embodies an optimistic outlook that permeates her endeavors. Beyond academics, she finds joy in nurturing her hobbies, particularly gardening and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Samikshya's proactive approach to life, coupled with her passion for learning and exploration, sets her on a path towards success and fulfillment in both her academic and personal pursuits.

Diya Sapkota

Diya Sapkota is a passionate student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in general biology at Birendra Multiple Campus, TU. Residing in Bharatpur-4, Lanku, Diya embodies an adventurous spirit and believes in embracing new opportunities. With a zest for life, Diya seeks to connect with diverse experiences and spread positivity to those around them. Embracing the motto 'YOLO - You Only Live Once,' Diya approaches life with enthusiasm and a desire to make the most of every moment.

Safal Poudel

Safal Poudel, a permanent resident of Bharatpur-4, Chitwan, is currently pursuing a diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Known for his versatility, Safal excels in collaborative settings and independently, showcasing remarkable initiative. He thrives under pressure, adeptly meeting stringent deadlines while maintaining composure. With a strong work ethic and adaptability, Safal is poised to make significant contributions in his field, embodying resilience and excellence in his endeavors.

Avnish Sigdel

Avnish Sigdel, a resident of Bharatpur-2, Chitwan, is a diligent student currently enrolled in Class 12, pursuing Bio Science at Gurukul Secondary School. He firmly believes in seizing the opportunities that life presents. Avnish embodies the philosophy of living life to the fullest, understanding that each moment is precious and should be embraced wholeheartedly. With a keen sense of purpose and determination, he strives to make the most of every opportunity that comes his way.

Sabal Regmi

Sabal Regmi, a dedicated youth, is currently pursuing a Bachelor's program in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry at the Agriculture and Forestry University in Rampur, Chitwan. With an unwavering passion for animal welfare, Sabal is determined to make a meaningful contribution to the field of veterinary medicine. Guided by a philosophy of seizing every moment and following one's heart, Sabal approaches each opportunity with determination and enthusiasm, aiming to make a lasting impact in the realm of animal care and husbandry.

Manjila Adhikari

Manjila Adhikari, currently residing in Bharatpur-10, Chitwan, is fueled by a fervent passion for programming and data analytics. Opting to pursue her Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications, she's committed to delving deep into the world of technology. With a belief in the strength of collective action, Manjila advocates for empowering and supporting one another through life's challenges and opportunities. Her dedication to both personal growth and community upliftment exemplifies her proactive and compassionate approach to life.

Sabin Acharya

Sabin Acharya, a passionate student residing in Bharatpur-1, Chitwan, is deeply intrigued by startups and entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Boston International College, Hakimchowk, he thrives on expanding his social network and embracing new learning opportunities. With a belief in the transformative power of social clubs, Sabin advocates for personal growth, stepping out of comfort zones, and overcoming obstacles through active involvement. His enthusiasm for connecting with others and embracing challenges highlights his proactive and dynamic approach to student life.

Deepa Adhikari

Deepa Adhikari is a dedicated youth studying at Millennium Model College, currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. Alongside her academic endeavors, she passionately runs a small business crafting unique handmade products, fueled by her creativity and enthusiasm. Deepa's philosophy revolves around kindness, assistance, and empowerment, believing that these qualities enhance the fabric of society. She is committed to spreading positivity and fostering a culture of support and upliftment among individuals.

Sirishma Kafle

Sirishma Kafle, residing in Bharatpur 7, Chitwan, is currently dedicated to her studies at Bharatpur Samudayik Nursing College. As she navigates the journey of self-discovery and finding her path in life, Sirishma offers a message of hope and resilience. She encourages perseverance, intelligence, and patience in the face of challenges, believing firmly that one's dreams can be achieved with unwavering self-belief. Sirishma reminds others of the abundance of luck and opportunity within them, urging them to trust in their abilities and timing for success.

Nitu Gautam

Nitu Gautam, a resilient student hailing from Bharatpur-3, is currently immersed in the pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA). With an insightful perspective on life, Nitu acknowledges the inherent rollercoaster of experiences, where challenges intertwine with growth opportunities. Embracing this journey with grace and determination, Nitu values each moment, recognizing them as building blocks for personal development. With an unwavering commitment to her dreams, Nitu encourages others to navigate their paths with resilience, cherishing memories, and relentlessly pursuing aspirations.

Sanjog Chaulagain

Sanjog Chaulagain, residing in Bharatpur-10, Chitwan, aims to foster accountability and reshape perspectives. His goal is to provide skills that enable individuals to accurately assess their needs and find effective solutions. Through his endeavors, Sanjog seeks to empower people to take responsibility and perceive challenges differently, fostering personal growth and societal progress.