Upahaar Nyano Maya 2022

I.   Project Identification:

Title                                        :    Upahaar Nyano Maya

School Name                         :     Shree Ganesh Basic School
                                                        Shree Rastriya Basic School, Dakshin Aayodhyapuri, Madi

Location                                  :     Madi Municipality

Implementing Agency       :    Better Chitwan;

Funding Requested             :    NRs. 52,000/-

The Overall Objective of the Program                              :    

1.To support warm clothes to 30 students.

2.To assess the further need of Student
Scholarship program.

Contact Person                              :             Miss. Sudha Timilsina

Program Coordinator | 9845920746

Upahaar Nyano Maya, Better Chitwan

[email protected]
| https://betterchitwan.com/

II. Introduction about Better Chitwan:

Better Chitwan is a non-government, not-for-profit making company. It was founded in 2015 by a group of committed youth passionate about making a difference in Nepal that works in one accord towards a better Nation. It is registered with the Office of The Company Registrar in Kathmandu district, and uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact on children and young people. Since its establishment in 2015, Better Chitwan has been working with the poor,
vulnerable and socially excluded segment of the society for meeting their basic needs and improving livelihoods, while also contributing in the process of empowering them to raise their voices for the cause of human rights, particularly children, Dalit and women human rights and access to education.

The Government has been making serious efforts over the years to improve access to education and to create an enabling environment for quality education. Special programs such as program for the educationally disadvantaged ethnic groups and girls have been conducted. Better Chitwan has been leading education programs for Children and Youths and has engaged itself in community development program/projects and volunteers mobilization. It has been providing
education scholarship to the students from marginalized community, managing public library, organizing several trainings and workshop for children and youths and supporting them for better education.

III. “Upahaar Nyano Maya” program:

              Better Chitwan has been organizing two types of Student Scholarship Program- Bhagya Bokney Jhola and Upahaar Nyano Maya. Bhagya Bokney Jhola is the program that supports education materials for students including school bag, stationaries, books, hygiene kits, school uniform and other essentials. Upahaar Nyano Maya is the program that provides warm clothes support to the students with poor economic background. Better Chitwan has supported 401 students with Bhagya Bokney jhola program and 1239 students with Upahaar Nyano Maya program. Since 2021 Better Chitwan has initiated 100 students scholarship program and 24 students are already benefited from it.

              This year, Upahaar Nyano Maya proposes to support warm clothes to the 30 needy students of Shree Ganesh Basic School, Ganeshkunja and Shree Rastriya Basic School, Dakshin Aayodhyapuri of Madi Municipality. Also, this program aims to access the need of student education Program of the respective school and study possible future collaboration in education and empowerment. 


IV.   Justification:

The school is located in a Madi Municipality of Chitwan District  and majority of students are from marginalized community. Because they could not afford warm clothes most of them are finding difficulties to join regular classes. 

V.   Fund Transparency:

The Fund collected and all the expenses will be recorded online in a Google sheet transparently which will be accessible to everyone through the link:

 Or QR Code:                                                                     

                                                       SCAN HERE

  V.   Request letter by School:

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