Upahaar Nyano Maya 2023

Here we share some snapshots from the ‘Upahaar Nyano Maya’ program, where Better Chitwan provided support to students from economically disadvantaged families in four schools in Madi. Witnessing the smiles on the students’ faces after getting warm tracksuits was a heartwarming experience.
A special appreciation goes to respected Dipen Baniya, who initiated the Deusi Bhailo program by kids from the Nepali community in Sydney. His support provided tracksuits for 35 students, symbolizing a return to our roots through art, culture, and the promotion of tradition. He has consistently backed the education of students in marginalized communities across the country. Gratitude extends to everyone involved in this meaningful initiative.
Additional thanks are due to the generous souls who sponsored the remaining students, and a shoutout to the team that actively raised funds through ‘Chiya For Charity’ event. We express our heartfelt thanks to the respective School management, Teachers, Municipality and all those with kind hearts and hope for continued support in the days to come. Thank you!

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