Sathika Nimti Sathi: Chatpat for Crowdfunding

Today was a truly wonderful day as participants from the SL2 program came together for a crowdfunding event held by the banks of the Narayni River. They showcased their culinary skills by creating hygienic ‘chatpat’ using homemade organic ingredients, which they then sold to visitors. Their mission was not only to offer a delightful chatpat but also to raise funds for educational support for marginalized students.
The enthusiasm, teamwork, dedication, and collaborative spirit of all the participants were truly remarkable. Witnessing them effectively communicate and convince visitors to support their cause was a joy. It was a fantastic experience for our SL2 2024 batch, as they engaged with the public and shared their noble message.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors for their encouragement and support through purchasing chatpat from our students. Additionally, we express our sincere appreciation to all contributors of the SL2 program for making this event possible. Big thanks to Grace International for your selfless support to this noble initiative.

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